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Hello and welcome to the newly updated Woodmans Arms website!


Hello everyone. 

Normally we love doing a Christmas eve party with our Christmas prize draw and quiz. However, this year – we feel we will not be able to have the same sort of evening with all the pub restrictions that have been put in place. If you could imagine, no one is allowed to raise their voices, groups of 6 max without interacting with other tables and here at the woodman’s we have a lovely bunch of locals who when taken over by the Christmas spirit like a good hugging session and who can blame them, we all do… its one of the best times of the year seeing friends at the pub, asking what they got, asking them how the family is, asking if they would like their 10th drink before heading off home… we all love it! 

We have also taken the decision not to open for drinks Christmas day 12-3. We normally open for all the locals to come in and say hello and enjoy their first drink on us. Once again, everyone is in good spirit, always wanting to hug, kiss and interact; unfortunately with the restrictions which we have been told will be heavily policed by the authorities, we cannot be seen to let this happen within the pub, plus it may risk the elderly and high risk and we would like to keep them safe and also do our bit to stay in tier 1.

In these uncertain times, we do not think we could host any events let alone our Christmas party and be able to police it without offending anyone or seem like we are nit picking. So, because of this we will not do our annual Christmas quiz and draw. We do apologise and hopefully when all this Covid-19 malarkey is over, we can enjoy a proper drink without feeling like caged animals.  
We know this may be bad news for some who enjoy their Christmas drink with us on Christmas eve and Christmas day. It is for us too ☹ Landlord harry had already finished the quiz ready to trip you all up with his daft trick questions. We have so much planned for next year so hopefully covid-19 depending we will be having plenty of BBQ, Musical fun at the Woodmans.  

We are still unsure about our New Year’s Eve party, so we will post an update nearer the time.

If you want to visit us in the next few weeks, please make sure you book. In these current times with the trade being very slow, if we are open and we have had no customers we will likely close up early for the kitchen, so please, if you want to eat make sure you book to avoid disappointment.

We want to wish a merry Christmas to all our customers; we hope you get everything you ask for! We want to give a few mentions to a few locals/people who become lifelong friends and have been instrumental in helping us keep this business alive in this Pandemic ridden world.  Mr Lee Lemon with his mad digger skills, Sir Martin Mitchell for his general smoothness, Sq. Alex Mitchell for stopping landlord harry killing himself by electricity. Nat Purcell Snr for all his help with the new smoking hut, Mr Leigh Baker for the new floor, Hippy Jon – the enigma for being a real life Edward scissor hands, Our beloved cousin and Head Chef Louie Vale for all the help he has offered, Wendy Coy for ALL the help she gives, the women is invaluable ..and is also our mummy (love you mummy) and last but not least… Our staff, thank you guys! love you always.

Opening times for the Christmas Period

Christmas eve:
12:00 – 2.30pm and 5.30 - 8.30 (food)
12:00pm – 10:00pm (drinks) 

Christmas Day:  CLOSED

Boxing day:
12:00pm – 5:00pm (food)
12:00pm – 9:00pm (drinks – please remember… if the pub is empty, we may close earlier)  

New years eve:
12:00pm – 2:30pm and 5:30 – 8:30 (food)
12:00pm – 10:00pm (drinks)

We are hoping that a government announcement changes this, and we can open till 1:00am. However, restrictions will still be in play.

We will update if the government announcement happening on the 16th changes any restrictions 

We do not use open table to book tables.

We are a phone call booking service only, please ring 01983 882785 if you wish to make a booking.

Sited at the top end of the village near the Briddlesford/Station Road crossroads, the Woodmans started life as two cottages. Believed to be oldest pub in Wootton, the Woodmans Arms dates back to 1840. In recent years the Woodmans has been made into a family/pet friendly pub/restaurant with an extensive garden and kids outside play area. Also well known for its food around the island the pub has recently been taken over by Isle of Wight born and bred Chefs, Harry & Ronnie Fletcher. Both hailing from the east coast of the Isle of Wight from a large family, Harry & Ronnie grew up in Sandown where they first learned about the catering trade and have been learning from it ever since, local and internationally. New to the landlord profession, Harry & Ronnie have embraced the challenge of being publicans and are set to make some exciting new changes, including menu changes, event nights and guest ales. All are welcome to the Woodmans Arms and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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